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Driven by passion for fintech

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Customer Centric

We care about each individual client, and we are acutely aware of delivery times with regular and consistent follow-up before, during, and after delivery.


We have a small and linear hierarchy so that we can make decisions quickly and in the best interests of our customers


We offer reasonable pricing due to volume discounts with suppliers


We analyse individual clients order patterns to ensure we are ready and able to deliver so our clients rarely experience a downtime in their operations.


All our products are sourced from reputable ISO certified manufacturers.

We take pride in getting to know the industry that we serve and to know its specific needs. When you choose Papier enc we are thus able to supply tailor made products to ensure a satisfied client. All our products are sourced from reputable ISO certified manufacturers. We aim to make our customers rest assured that we are putting in every effort to deliver when it comes to our product quality distribution and supply availability. We offer unmatched price and excellent customer service.



Commercial Plumbing

C&S Materials has all of your plumbing parts and supplies for any commercial project, big or small.
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Industrial Valves

C&S Materials carries a wide array of valves including ductile iron, brass, bronze...
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Tools & Technologies

C&S Materials carries all of the tools to make sure you can complete your job.
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Safety Equipment

C&S Materials is proud to be one of the select few distributors of SmartShore...
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We source from the best manufacturers, at the best prices